Interview with Nicole Hamilton Takemoto, CEO of Takie'moto Cosmetics

Interview with Nicole Hamilton Takemoto, CEO of Takie’moto Cosmetics

Nicole Hamilton Takemoto

After having a chance to interview Nicole Hamilton Takemoto, CEO of Takie’moto Cosmetics , I received this lovely write up… I must say, her products are wonderful, and if you haven’t had the chance to check out her products – I highly recommend you do. They are incredible, and I look forward to using more. Here is what she told me about her brand.

I am Nicole Hamilton Takemoto I grew up in Silver Spring , MD as a child I always had a vision for arts, entertainment also early business savvy. I also felt my determination no matter what I put my mind to would pay off. Now CEO / Founder of TAKIEMOTO COSMETICS, Makeup artist and  a single mother it gives me even more reason to focus. It was summer of 2013 I started really getting into social media more then ever. I was inspired by the world just seeing all the cultures, online business’s, beauty and more.

I had wanted to create do something for awhile, not having the courage I gave up.. but not this time I realized my passion for makeup artistry was the starting point and I focused around that so then I thought of beauty and beauty products. I am from Jamaica and I am American born, I am Afro Asian from Japan and mixed with Indian from India and Scottish. I have two last names as you can see. It was the perfect fit to name it after my family Takemoto and call it TAKIEMOTO.
So coming up with the names of the lipsticks where easy I put my cultures together and it was a fit. all the lipsticks are Asian inspired or cities in Japan. The lip gloss’s & Lip Liners where Urban/ American inspired and Caribbean inspired. My favorite lipstick colours are: Takiemoto Doll, Odori, Japan Whiskey, Panda, Obama on myself that is .. I love them all so many to choose from.
TAKIEMOTO was created summer 2013 and launched spring of  April 2014, making the brand 1 year as of  April 2015. The brand currently is a full lip collection of 55 shades of lipsticks and 4 textures: semi-matte, matte, cre’me, pearlescent cre’me then we have 20 shades of lip gloss in two textures: hd shimmer scented shine, high shine pigmented gloss’s last but not least our ultimate lip liners in 6 shades and a water proof made for effortless gliding and easy application.
The brand is growing and will be a full cosmetic brand, with so much ahead we are preparing for the launch of the new added products and will announce its launch date as soon as it’s close to launch date!